Frontline KNG Open Top Holster Glock 17 GTL

Frontline KNG Open Top Holster Glock 17 GTL
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Frontline KNG Open Top Holster Glock 17 GTL  BFL Kydex® New Generation (KNG) is... mehr
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Frontline KNG Open Top Holster Glock 17 GTL BFL

Kydex® New Generation (KNG) is an advanced multi­layer material developed by Front Line for tactical, duty,

and carry holsters. Utilizing years of experience in building New Generation products, Front Line developed KNG

as the ultimate material for modern holster construction.

KNG holsters combine the rugged strength and tactical advantages of Kydex® with the unsurpassed fit and

protection of the New Generation materials. The outer Kydex layer is attractively textured and stitched for a

classic leather look. The layer of durable nylon cloth strengthens the Kydex® and protects it from breaking if the

piton is pulled from the side. The inner layers are molded perfectly to the shape of the pistol and provide cushion

against impacts. The inner layer of waterproof and wearproof velvet protects the finish of the pistol against holster

wear and allows smooth, quiet draws and re­holstering.

The KNG Open Top Holster isn't equipped with a security mechanism, extremely fast access to the pistol is

therefore possible.

BFL Modular is an improved version of the standard belt wearing. It offers a security strap which easily closes

around your belt. No need to remove the belt. Prevents the holster from being snatched from the pants. BFL

Modular is easily modified when changing belts: Simply unsnap the security strap if necessary, remove the insert,

and then add the proper size insert and position it on the two holes of the BFL Modular. Comes with spacer for

30mm and 38mm belt, will fit to 50mm without spacer.

Suitable for Glock 17, 22, 23 equipped with Glock GTL module

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